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Travel with us to exotic and enchanting destinations

Sri Lanka is a country with a fabulous history. A wonderful country full of mystery and amaze. Explore the beauty of Sri Lanka with one of our exploring tours.

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Experience the wonders of the world

We are dedicated in providing you with outbound tours to various destinations all over the world. We aim to make your trip a memorable one.

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Fulfilling your spiritual journey

Our Pilgrimage tours will take you to the holy destinations of the various religions.  We are not only concerned with the quality of outward experience but also about the inner journey.

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A whole new world awaits you!

Pack your bags for a quick Weekend Getaway or Short Cruise. Our cruises will take you to the most fascinating travel destinations in the world.

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Best luxury travel deals and offers

Looking for a great deal? Find your dream vacation at a great price with our top deals. Book now and SAVE!

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Why Gabos?









With over 36 years of travel experience, Gabo Travels & Holiday is your best choice for the perfect holiday. We know that you place a lot of trust in the company you choose to handle your travel bookings. We take that trust very seriously.  We recommend the best to ensure that your trip is unforgettable.


Some of our services includes

Inbound Packages, Outbound Packages, Cruise Tours, Coach Tours, Transportation, Incentive, Special Air Fares, World-wide Hotel Accommodation, inbound Special Offers, Pilgrimage Special Offers, Outbound Special Offers. Tailor Made Packages, Pilgrimage Tours.


Gabo Travels & Holidays - Inbound Tours Gabo Travels & Holidays - Pilgrimage tours
Inbound Tours Outbound Tours
See the true beauty of Sri Lanka through our Inbound Tours. Travel the world with our Outbound Packages.

- Paradise Tour
- Hill Country & Wildlife
- Glimpse of Sri Lanka
- Heritage Tour
- Round Tour of Sri Lanka - Heritage Tour

- Train Tours
- African Tours
- Culture Tours
- Coach Tours
- Cruise Tours
- Pilgrimage Tours
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