Whether you’re giving a presentation or attending a conference, travelling for business requires a lot of planning and preparation beforehand. You will most likely need to remain connected to handle your business, dress to meet and entertain clients, and be equipped to manage travel-related emergencies. We don’t want to add to the stress of making a good impression wherever you travel, so we are here to help you create the ultimate packing list for business travel—so you can focus on acing that presentation/meeting!

Laptop or tablet – Keep connected with your team on the ground while you travel, whether it is to work on-the-go or make sure that the clients you’re leaving behind are well tended to. Most airlines offer wi-fi onboard, so long-haul flights can become ideal work environments – provided you get some shut-eye as well to arrive refreshed!

Charging accessories – Turning up for a meeting with dead devices is a thing of nightmares! Make sure all your electronic devices are on full charge before leaving for your trip, and that all charging accessories are packed with their respective devices. A universal power adapter is also a God-sent on overseas business trips!

Wi-Fi hotspot – Wi-fi may not be available wherever you go. You never have to worry about finding this out after you’ve arrived, with a portable wi-fi hotspot. It will let you turn even a car ride from the airport to your hotel into your personal portable office!

Headphones – Noise-cancelling headphones are a must-have accessory for any business traveller. You never know when you might need to double-down on work or have a quick meeting. Drown out noisy cafes and busy airline cabins with a pair of good headphones – they will also help when you get some much-needed rest on-the-go!

Business cards – Either with physical or digital cards, be sure to leave your mark wherever you go with business cards. Even if it is just dropping your card into a bowl in the hotel lobby, you never know when someone might pick it up and call you for assistance.

Remote slide advancer – Travelling out of your own office means you won’t have access to certain tools necessary for presentations. A remote slide advancer will take the place of a handyman Joe and ensure that your presentation flows smoothly.

Clothing and accessories (business and formal) – Pack light to ensure fast and easy transitions and commutes, but make sure your business attire is on point. Business travel also most often means entertaining clients and meeting new people, so be sure to pack formal or suitable attire for nights out as well.

Toiletries – Maintain your daily routine as much as possible to avoid feeling stressed or flustered – and don’t rely on hotel toiletries while travelling, as you can’t predict their effect on your skin.

Medication (as required) – Your necessary medication may not be available or found in a hurry, should the emergency arise. So be well equipped to handle your own medical emergencies wherever you go!

Travel documents – Pack your passport, visa, travel insurance and all bookings in an easy-to-access place to ensure a hassle-free trip.

Basic office supplies and printed handouts – Take your daily use stationery and printed handouts with you, so you won’t be caught by surprise if they are not available at your location, and you won’t have to run around looking for a printer.

If we missed anything, comment and let us know!


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